Welcome to St. Matthew’s Tamil Church, Pune

St. Matthew’s Tamil Church is a Tamil church belonging to CNI (Church of North India) and PDC (Pune Diocesan Council). It is located in Pune, a city in the state of Maharashtra, 160KM from Mumbai in India. St. Matthew’s Church is a hundred and seventeen years old church which dates back into history as far as the year 1892 as inscribed in one of the plaques of the church. Since 1996, the church holds a revival meeting every year in the month of September when St. Matthew’s Day is celebrated. As God’s blessings are showered graciously upon the church, the church continues to be a monument of peace, serenity and contentment  St. Matthew’s Church is situated in the camp area of Pune on 19, Ambedkar Road. The foundation of this church was laid on 29th September 1893. The church structure is of the early English gothic style architecture. In 1901, the church building was extended on the right and left side.

SERVICE (Every Sunday) 10:30 AM
MISSION SUNDAY (4th Sunday) 10:30 AM
MEN’S FELLOWSHIP (3rd Sunday) After Service
WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP (3rd Sunday) After Service


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic all regular and special services are suspended till further notice
  • Mrs. & Mr. J. Christopher Sathiyaseelan : Jul 4
  • Mrs. & Mr. S. Stalin : Jul 10
  • Mrs. & Mr. Baskaran Chandrasekar : Jul 10
  • Mrs. & Mr. M. Raviraj : Jul 14
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  • Ms. Sharon C: Jul 1
  • Mrs. Jeyaseely K: Jul 2
  • Mr. Cherubin E: Jul 2
  • Ms. Angel B: Jul 3
  • Mr. P. Devadhasan B: Jul 3
  • Mr. Joseph Ravindran B: Jul 4
  • Mr. M. Azariah B: Jul 5
  • Ms. Dorty Joseph B: Jul 5
  • Mrs. Dr. Priya Benazir Vijayan B: Jul 5
  • Mr. Chandran S. B: Jul 7
  • Ms. Judilyn Jayakumar Paul B: Jul 8
  • Mrs. & Mr. Mr. Jeyakumar Jayraj B: Jul 8
  • Mr. Joshua N. Daniel B: Jul 8
  • Mr. Jebastin Samson B: Jul 8
  • Mr. Jaganathan A. Pillai B: Jul 9
  • Mrs. Sumathi J: Jul 10
  • Mrs. Josephine Johnson J: Jul 10
  • Mrs. Merlyn Ranjith J: Jul 13
  • Mr. Kirubakaran J: Jul 13
  • Mr. S. Samraj J: Jul 17
  • Mr. Samuel Baskaran Johnson J: Jul 20
  • Ms. Glory A. Daniel J: Jul 21
  • Ms. P.R. Cipporah Priyadarshini J: Jul 22
  • Mr. Stephen V. J: Jul 23
  • Mr. Antony Raj Israel J: Jul 23
  • Mr. Samuel Jainer J: Jul 24
  • Mast. Jason Samuel J: Jul 25
  • Mrs. Angel Baskar J: Jul 25
  • Ms. Blessy Bestus J: Jul 26
  • Mrs. J. Asha Babu J: Jul 28
  • Mr. John Samuel Daniel J: Jul 30
  • Ms. Ruth Vedamani Das J: Jul 31
  • Mr. Jayakumar Victor J: Jul 31
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