Welcome to St. Matthew’s Tamil Church, Pune

St. Matthew’s Tamil Church is a Tamil church belonging to CNI (Church of North India) and PDC (Pune Diocesan Council). It is located in Pune, a city in the state of Maharashtra, 160KM from Mumbai in India. St. Matthew’s Church is a hundred and seventeen years old church which dates back into history as far as the year 1892 as inscribed in one of the plaques of the church. Since 1996, the church holds a revival meeting every year in the month of September when St. Matthew’s Day is celebrated. As God’s blessings are showered graciously upon the church, the church continues to be a monument of peace, serenity and contentment  St. Matthew’s Church is situated in the camp area of Pune on 19, Ambedkar Road. The foundation of this church was laid on 29th September 1893. The church structure is of the early English gothic style architecture. In 1901, the church building was extended on the right and left side.

SERVICE (Every Sunday) 10:30 AM
MISSION SUNDAY (4th Sunday) 10:30 AM
MEN’S FELLOWSHIP (3rd Sunday) After Service
WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP (3rd Sunday) After Service


  • Mrs. & Mr. Lawrence Navamani : Aug 22
  • Mrs. & Mr. Gunaseelan Sathianathan : Aug 27
  • Mrs. & Mr. Edward Collins James : Aug 28
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  • Mr. Lucas David A: Aug 1
  • Mr. Gideon Christian A: Aug 2
  • Mr. Rocky A: Aug 4
  • Mrs. Amelia J: Aug 6
  • Mr. G. Swamy J: Aug 7
  • Ms. Caroline Joseph J: Aug 7
  • Mrs. Devakumari A: Aug 8
  • Mrs.Caroline J: Aug 8
  • Mr. Benjamin Babu J: Aug 8
  • Mr. Johnson J: Aug 11
  • Ms. Shiney Charles J: Aug 11
  • Mr. Roshan Daniel Charles J: Aug 12
  • Mr. Stephen Thomas David J: Aug 12
  • Ms. Rose Mary Daniel J: Aug 12
  • Mr. Thiyagaraj Pillai J: Aug 12
  • Mr. Jayapaul David J: Aug 15
  • Mr. Steevan Simon J: Aug 15
  • Mrs. Beena Victor J: Aug 15
  • Mast. Immanuel Francis J: Aug 15
  • Mr. Arokianandan J: Aug 15
  • Mrs. Julie Simon Daniel J: Aug 16
  • Mr. James Jayraj J: Aug 18
  • Ms. J. Jessica Sheena J: Aug 18
  • Mr. P. Maria Irudhaya Raj J: Aug 19
  • Ms. Vivilyn Jayakumar Paul J: Aug 20
  • Mrs. Selvarani Jaikumar Pillay J: Aug 22
  • Mrs. Amudha J. A. Pillai J: Aug 22
  • Mrs. Shaine Premkumar J: Aug 23
  • Mrs. Nancy Mc Enroe J: Aug 24
  • Mrs. Angel Baskar J: Aug 25
  • Mrs. Chitra Mercy Andrews J: Aug 25
  • Mrs. Angelin Charles J: Aug 27
  • Mrs. Mellonie Simon Sahu J: Aug 27
  • Mrs. A. Shiny Madona J: Aug 28
  • Mr. Steliyan Thomas David J: Aug 29
  • Mr. Franky Victor J: Aug 30
  • Mrs. Suganthy Sam Suresh J: Aug 30
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